Present to the eye, present to the mind

Stablecomp aims to make life easier than ever for all DeFi users.

We believe it is essential for a platform that aims to provide easy DeFi access to support its users’ need to monitor their asset allocation and track their returns over time.
That is why we worked so hard to create an innovative analytics section, helping users to achieve their financial freedom by providing a view of their allocations and performance with clear projections for the future.
In particular, users will be able to keep track of their ongoing investments through three simple graphs, allowing them to:

📊 Analyze asset allocation

Before looking forward, it is crucial to have a clear view on our starting point. With Stablecomp, the user is able to visualize which stablecoins they own and in which farms they deposited them.

💰 Visualize realized returns

Once the journey begins, the user can visualize the obtained outcomes so far, while keeping an eye on the future with the projection chart.

📈 View a 1-year projection yield chart

Every user has his own precise financial goal, but sometimes it is very easy to lose track of details as the revenue tokens prices and the APYs continuously vary. To counter this, Stablecomp will provide a simple graph dedicated to analysing the various APYs of the farms the user is interacting with, showing an up to date one-year projection of the yield.
With Stablecomp you deposit your stablecoins, the protocol automatically composes the LP token needed for the farm chosen, and you start earning more stablecoins while watching your asset allocation, your realized returns and a 1-year projection yield through simple user-friendly interface.
Yes, it is as easy as that.