Insured Vaults
Exclusive pools for SCOMP holders
To provide an increasingly complete and secure service, Stablecomp offer users the opportunity to insure their investments.
It is important for us that our users feel comfortable while using our platform, so we introduce the Insured Vaults Section a dedicated area that includes selected vaults insured through the best decentralized insurance platforms.

How to get the access

To get the access to the Insured Vaults, like analytics section, users hove to hold and deposit at least 2500 $SCOMP tokens in the governance pool.
Deposit at least 2500 $SCOMP in the governance pool
Choose your pool through the Insured Vaults Section
Get the insurance on the partner platform
Deposit your assets
Enjoy your completely safe APY

Further lower the risk level

Thanks to this important service, holders will be able to enjoy the APYs offered in complete peace of mind, without having to think about the security of the platform or smart contracts, and further lowering the level of risk.
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How to get the access
Further lower the risk level