Stablecomp aggregates returns and allows users to optimize their yield.
Its vaults accept users’ deposits and automatically route them to the strategy designed for the selected farm: Stablecomp’s smart contracts constantly sell the reward tokens obtained, in exchange for more stablecoins, which are used to increment the number of LPTs deposited.

This procedure brings several benefits:

It ensures the user can earn compound interest by offering a the process by which the earnings are continuously collected and reinvested to generate additional earnings over time.
It allows users to save money on gas fees by grouping multiple user transaction into a single transaction.

"Mankind's greatest invention”: compound interest

Albert Einstein reportedly referred to compound interest as mankind's greatest invention.
The following is a representation of the difference between APR (annual percentage rate), the simple return, and APY (annual percentage yield), the return considering the compounding effect. The relationship between the two is exponential, and so is the opportunity for users choosing Stablecomp for their investments.

One click function

Users could find it challenging to create the LPTs necessary for the farm they chose after having analyzed the matrix if they did not have a tool.
The DApps’ vaults Stablecomp compounds each have their own reference Automated Market Maker, and it may not be clear to users which one they should select and how to create the LPTs. That is why Stablecomp, following its objective to simplify DeFi, has introduced the one click function.
The one click function allows users to deposit the most popular stablecoins, USDC, BUSD and USDT, as single tokens with only one click. Stablecomp will then automatically swaps them into the LPT needed to join the selected farm and deposit them. There is no additional fee to call this function.
👨‍💻 The user chooses a pool in the Risk/Return matrix, then deposits the eligible stablecoin of their choice.
🔀 Stablecomp automatically swaps the stablecoin deposited on a DeFi exchange to get a pair.
📥 The obtained assets are then staked in a Liquidity Pool giving back Liquidity Pool Tokens (LPTs).
🚜 LPTs flow into a farm where they generates reward tokens (RT) and store Swap Fees.
🔁 Stablecomp automatically compounds the Swap Fees in the farm and sells the reward tokens to increase the LPTs holdings.
💰 User, with a simple click, can withdraw and claim their earnings in the form of the stablecoin they prefer.
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"Mankind's greatest invention”: compound interest
One click function