Introducing Stablecomp

What is Stablecomp?

Stablecomp is the DeFi protocol focused on making it easy for users to earn yields on stablecoins. The dapp provides access to a range of strategies for stablecoins returns on multiple chains to offer the ideal opportunities to match every user’s preferences. To help them find opportunities easily, Stablecomp provides a risk-reward matrix. Tracking returns is easy with the analytics section and the automation feature replaces complex daily multi-step staking processes with a few easy clicks that users only need to do once. The SCOMP token improves the user experience in the dapp by giving them rights and benefits, such as boosting rewards, accessing the DAO, and much more. Stablecomp is led by a known and accessible group of blockchain finance experts who are committed to supporting the savers and institutional investors who aim to improve their experience with stablecoins in DeFi.


  • Simplifying is the key: Current DeFi users know that staking opportunities and other DeFi services often require the user to perform complicated multi-click processes on more than one protocol, eating up time and introducing the possibility of error. Stablecomp offers the solution: simplicity through automation.

  • Variety is a must: The protocol offers a diverse set of stablecoin yield strategies and services, explained in the next section, for every need of the users.

  • Risk analysis is a necessity: Stablecomp urges users to do their research before making final decisions, but the dapp will provide a starting place and help sort opportunities by providing the user with risk analysis for the protocols used and for the stablecoins of the chosen service based on objective parameters.

  • Analytics is a support: The analytics page provides a user-friendly view of the initial asset allocation, the realized returns, and a 1-year projection chart.

  • SCOMP is a premium token: SCOMP token unlocks a range of benefits and rights for its stakers; for example, it allows its holders to earn platform fees and to get access to the boosted pools and the DAO.

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