Stablecomp through the different phases of the market

The cryptocurrency market, as we know, is cyclical and very volatile.

It is composed of bullish, accumulation, and bearish phases that can be exploited to obtain the maximum possible profits.While the potential for profit is immense, allocation of assets can also create immense risk. So it is also important to protect some of your capital by exploiting the low risk opportunities that decentralized finance has to offer.

To balance the volatility of a portfolio and reduce net investment risk, everyone should opt to including stablecoins as part of their wallet; investing them in DeFi. This strategy results in lower stress and a more manageable portfolio, while generating constant and relatively safe profits through all possible trends.

In particular, during an uptrend, the stablecoins invested in DeFi protect the user from flash crashes or violent trend reversals, while, during a bearish trend, they allow the investor to gain even if the market conditions are not at their best. Indeed, Stablecomp gives its users the opportunity to earn secure income on stablecoins, during any phase the market is passing through.

Following the different trends is unfortunately also very time-demanding. Stablecomp, therefore, is not just useful as a hedge for more active and “risk-on” investors. It is a great option for savers with lower risk tolerance and less time for active portfolio management.

Stablecomp is very useful for both those who actively follow the market, and for those who seek a low volatility passive income.

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