The matrix

The risk-return matrix makes the job of selecting stablecoin staking opportunities quick and easy and it is the core of the Strategy 1 of Stablecomp.

It contains all the return opportunities on stablecoins displayed in a matrix position and positioned based on risk and return. Columns represent the RISK, sorting it into LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH levels. Vaults are assigned to each column after a quantitative and statistical analysis of several parameters. Rows represent the RETURN, sorting vaults by decreasing APY calculated in an homogeneous and comparable way.

Stablecomp risk analysis

Every investment choice requires a careful assessment of the possible risks. For a DeFi product, the risks can be separated into those related to the protocol used and those related to the assets to which you have exposure.

Stablecomp offers risk analysis for the protocols and stablecoins in the opportunities presented on the platform. The analysis reported on the dapp is based on quantitative, qualitative, and statistical parameters and should not be interpreted as financial advice.

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