SCOMP is the native governance token of Stablecomp.

SCOMP has a limited supply of 200,000,000. Some of the tokens collected as platform fees will eventually be burned, reducing the supply of tokens and creating deflationary pressure.
At the time of the TGE, SCOMP will be native to Binance Smart Chain, but can be used via a bridge on all five supported chains.
In the future, SCOMP token may move to the Mintlayer protocol for greater efficiency and security.

Some good reasons to hold $SCOMP

SCOMP allows its holders to benefit from governance rights in its DAO.
SCOMP holders earn 50% of Performance fee
Holders with at least 2500 SCOMP have access to insured pools
Holders with at least 2500 SCOMP have access to the Analytics section


Stablecomp applies the following fees to its vaults:
📥 Deposit fee: none
💰 Performance fee: 6% of returns distributed as follows
  • 3% to the Governance Pool
  • 1% to the treasury
  • 0,5% to the vault strategist
  • 0,5% to the harvest function
  • 1% Burned
📤 Withdrawal fee: 0.2%
However, staking in the Governance Vault earns you a share of 50% of the performance fee.

How do we do this?

50% of Performance fees will be automatically collected and distribuited in the form of SCOMP among those who are staking our native token in its governance pool in proportion to their stake.
One sixt of the Performance fee will be burned. This rewards holders and brings a deflationary effect to the token.


The official SCOMP token contract address on Binance Smart Chain has NOT been announced by the team, yet. Any other SCOMP tokens will be a scam and will result in a financial loss for users.
Do not buy tokens from any other token address.
Always verify the token address before purchasing tokens.
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SCOMP is the native governance token of Stablecomp.
Some good reasons to hold $SCOMP
How do we do this?