Introduction to Stablecomp
The first DeFi platform to easily manage and earn interest on your stablecoins.

What is Stablecomp?

Stablecomp makes it easy for users to assess opportunities to earn compound interest on their stablecoins, make allocations, and collect interest. Users can choose opportunities to stake stablecoins on multiple chains. The platform also provides risk assessment and reward data, allowing users a simple way to allocate their stable coins based on clear risk-reward criteria. All the yields are collected, added up, converted back into Stablecoin and reinvested for the user automatically.
Stablecomp is a project led by a known and accessible group of blockchain finance experts. We at Stablecomp aim to make all stablecoin investment processes easier, starting from researching the best opportunities, on to allocating assets and completing the picture with easy-to-use tracking and analysis tools.


  • Stablecomp is a milestone for both newbies and experienced DeFi users when it comes to using stablecoins to earn income. This is blue water. No one else does what Stablecomp does.
  • Automatic immediate conversion of reward tokens to stablecoin tokens lets you earn compound interest.
  • Stablecomp facilitates the user’s informed choice of stablecoin return opportunities by carrying out an analysis of the risk of each vault through quantitative parameters.
  • The analytics page provides a user friendly view of the initial asset allocation, the realized returns and a 1-year projection chart.


SCOMP is the governance token and is at the core of Stablecomp.
Its holders benefit both from the distribution of the fees generated by the protocol and from the governance rights of its DAO. SCOMP holders can suggest and vote for proposals such as the integration of a new protocol within the Stablecomp ecosystem.
SCOMP has a limited supply of 200,000,000 units. Some of the tokens that are used to pay platform fees will eventually be burned, reducing the supply and creating deflationary pressure on token value.

Simplifying is the key

With Stablecomp, we want to make the entire investment process easier, starting from research that reveals the best opportunities, up to analytics tracking and analysis.

Stake stable, earn easily.

Don't just multiply your earnings, raise them by an exponential power!

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