The benefits of a Multichain Stablecoin staking service
We envision Stablecomp as a mainstream service that anyone can use to access the best stablecoin staking opportunities. In order to achieve this, Stablecomp is designed to be a Multi Chain protocol. As shown in the roadmap, it will start on on Binance Smart Chain and soon add connection to Polygon, Avalanche, Ethereum and Mintlayer.
Being present on five different blockchains requires providing five separate but parallel platforms, each with its own matrix, vaults and governance.
The SCOMP token will be unique, serving as a bond among the five platforms. It will be possible to move it among blockchains through chosen bridges and hence you can even use it to participate in each blockchain’s governance.
Multi Chain means multiple opportunities, and Stablecomp wants to guarantee the highest level of diversification for its users.

Why Mintlayer?

Mintlayer is a new disruptive solution designed to offer flexible and efficient DeFi anchored to the Bitcoin chain in a secure and scalable way.
Being a sidechain of the Bitcoin blockchain, its main features are:
  • Use BTC and many other tokens on the BTC native blockchain: On Mintlayer, users can exchange the native token BTC, without relying on any third party system or pegging, for any token on the MLT chain and anchor the transaction to the BTC chain for ultimate security.
  • Scalable Network: Mintlayer is built on several layers. This reduces fees and time for transaction confirmation, allowing to process up to millions of transactions per second.
  • No native gas tokens: fees can be paid in any fungible token issued on the MLT blockchain.
These features create an unprecedented DeFi space, a perfect environment in which Stablecomp can flourish as one of the main aggregators of the five supported blockchains.
Mintlayer Mainnet is scheduled for Q1 2022, and Stablecomp will be at the front of the line to book our slot on this revolutionary blockchain to have access to the liquidity of the chain that dominates whole crypto space.
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